PIONEER SECURITY utilises its dynamic Investigation Dept to provide support in various investigation and verifications functions. Our investigation team has the experience and skill to conduct effective investigations operations that will produce objective results.

What are you seeking?

Regardless of the size of your business, image or reputation of your organization and above all, customer satisfaction, is it not that, you always desires to make sure that you have made a proper choice in your employee selection, you also look forward to:

What does PIONEER SECURITY provide?

PIONEES SECURITY with its competence and capability has been providing background checks /investigate services to a large number of customers in the IT, manufacturing, ITES, Banking, Insurance and Retail Sectors in Bangalore and other cities. The checks essentially cover the following.

Pre / Post employment Verification. Employees who produced Employees who concealed
Personal details Faked resumes cv's Criminal record
Residential address Wrong and incorrect addresses Previous employment
Educational qualifications Fake educational certificates Police record
Professional experience Fake experience certificate Health problems

Investigation Services